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Claw Diffusers

$ 10.00
Sold in sets of 12!!!

These diffusers are ready to ship, and will be sent out within 1-2 business days of your purchase.
Diffusers DO NOT come with  gloves, nor do they come with lights.

Product specs
-Made from Copolyester
-Heat resistant up to 225 degrees Celsius
-Lightweight and durable
-Entire set of 12 claws weighs only 0.4 ounces (standard tube diffusers weigh 0.1 ounces)
-Length of 5/8" per diffuser
-Can be worn inside or outside of gloves (to wear outside, simply poke bulbs through glove tips, and attach diffusers outside of gloves)
-Frosted matte only, we cannot print water clear at this time

DISCLAIMER: Diffusers are made via a 3D printer and are finished by hand after printing. Due to the hand made nature of this item, some variations may occur with the tightness of the fit around the bulb. Standard bulb size on lights is 5mm and we test each diffuser on a 5mm light before packaging. However, bulb sizes DO VARY ever so slightly by a fraction of a millimeter here and there. If you find that a diffuser does not fit properly on one bulb, please try fitting it on another bulb. If diffuser requires a great amount of force to fit on a bulb, please refrain from using that diffuser, as removal of diffuser can result in the soldering breaking on your chip. If the item is too snug or too loose, please contact us right away to discuss replacement options! Dirty Cat Designs is NOT responsible for broken chips!