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With all the work I create, I offer an exclusive lifetime warranty to be free of defects when the item is worn/used under normal conditions. If something is amiss with your item, please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a repair at little to no cost! In most cases, the only thing you are responsible for is the postage required for you to send the item to me, and then the postage needed to ship it back to you (I send an invoice for the postage cost and, once paid, your item heads back home to you).

In certain circumstances, you may be charged for repairs, but this is very rare. If your item needs some serious TLC, needs to be rebuilt completely from scratch, or is deemed unfixable due to structural issues caused by excessive abuse, your repair fee will be determined on a case by case basis.


Before sending ANY item in, you MUST clean it!!!

  • For kandi/beaded masks this means using a Clorox/Lysol wipe along the front and back to remove dirt, sweat, spit, snot, makeup, and any other festival contributions I really don't want to be touching! For masks without Fiber Optics, you may wash them in water. If your mask has lights, remove those lights before sending your mask in, unless the velcro needs to be replaced and/or the light needs to be tacked down again.
  • For plastic or resin cast masks this means using a Clorox/Lysol wipe along the BACK ONLY. Do not use harsh chemicals on the front where your mask has been painted and/or sealed as this can damage the finish! Use a damp cloth to remove dirt from the front. Do not scrub with any abrasive mediums such as steel wool, sandpaper, gritted soap, etc. If there is a stubborn stain or spot that you cannot remove, please bring it to my attention and let me know what you think made the mark (permanent marker, dye, etc) and I will handle it!
  • For fluffies this means removing any gum, sticky substances, debris, plant matter, etc from the fur portion. For Unicorn Fluffies, please use a damp rag on the sequin portion to gently remove loose dirt. If your fluffies are caked with mud, please either hand wash or machine wash them first. Unicorn Fluffies MUST be washed by hand. All other fluffies may be washed by machine if you so choose.
  • For hoods this means gently washing (either by hand or machine) and completely drying, as well as removing any gum, sticky substances, debris, plant matter, etc from the fur or liner.

If you send your item in for repairs and it is FILTHY, you will either be charged a $25 fee per item or your item will be sent back to you (at your expense) and you will be instructed to clean it, then send it back in for the repairs you require. I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT want to be touching your bodily secretions and festival funk! I do repairs for free (in most cases) so please be considerate of your artist! 

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