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Take a moment to look through the hand made and hand selected items I have to offer! Use the drop down menu to view my "Wear It", "Make It", and "Glove It" selections.


  • "Wear It" items are, of course, meant to be worn and trust me, you'll look fabulous doing just that! Take a look at what I've brought to life. Everything from simple and dainty, to outlandish and iconic. If I can think it, I can make it, and YOU can own it!
  • "Make It" items require a little bit of assembly, but that's ok because you're crafty and amazing, and you know just how to use them to make your work come to life! Browse my hand picked goodies and enjoy pricing that is lower without sacrificing quality!
  • "Glove It" items are for those who wield the magic of light at their fingertips, and who take their viewers to other worlds with a unique combination of dexterity, skill, and the perfect addition of my custom made diffusers!
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