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Resin Masks/Objects

The following page contains information on how to best care for your Dirty Catz Resin Masks and Other Resin Objects!

You will see this over and over in the following topics, but plain old water and a mild dish soap are pretty much your best friends for all my care methods!



Cleaning the Front
All resin masks can be wiped down with water and a soft cloth, plus a little soap if needed.

If your resin mask is a raw blank cast (meaning it has not been painted or sealed, and it is newly cast) then you will need to wait at least 24 hours after wiping down with water, with or without soap, before you can apply any paint to the mask. While the resin surface is smooth on the front, it is also slightly porous and so it is best to wait until it is fully dry before painting to minimize any chances of your paint job warping.

If your resin mask is a finished piece (meaning it has been sanded, painted, and sealed) then you can wear it immediately after wiping it down.

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Cleaning the Back
The back of your mask, regardless of if it is a raw cast or a painted cast, can be wiped down with water and a soft cloth for minor dirt, or with a Clorox/Lysol wipe if you need to sanitize it. The back of the mask (the part that rests on your face) is smooth, shiny, and nonporous.

If you are using a disinfecting wipe, be cautious around the edges of your mask if you are wiping down a finished cast so the wipe does not come into prolonged contact with the painted finish.

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Additional Add On Features
If your mask has any additional add on features like fur, gems, whiskers, lights, etc you may find cleaning information for those items on the Kandi Mask Care Sheet page! 

You can jump to that page by clicking HERE. (Page will open in a new window)

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Cleaning Resin Objects
All cast resin objects are sealed either with clear resin or an enamel gloss. Please use water and a soft cloth to wipe away dirt. If they are very dirty, they may be submerged in water for a short period of time for cleaning. Please do not leave your painted resin pieces in water for a prolonged period of time. Resin pieces that are cast from clear resin and are not painted, can be left in water for long periods of time if they have a substance on them that needs to be soaked off.

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